Zitan is poised to become an EDSA landmark because of its unique building design (an effect from the alternating balconies) and copper- colour hue.

Amenities help in determining whether or not an investment is worthwhile. While it might be difficult sometimes to get a home at a place where everything is available, there are a few vital amenities & facilities that make a place the best for a living. Apart from making living enjoyable in a place, amenities also determine the value of a property. Homes in a neighborhood where there are many amenities tend to be higher in value compared to those that are far. You should, therefore, pay attention to this when hunting for your dream home.

Knowing what to look at when assessing whether a property has the right amenities is very vital. We might talk about amenities, but you might not be having the knowledge and information to make the best choice. Facilities & amenities are many. There are those that are inside the property while others are out there and shared by those living in the community. All these are vital, and you need to check them carefully before making your final decision. To make your work easy, here is what you should check carefully:


•    Kitchen appliances

•    Ceiling

•    Materials and finishes

•    Bathroom amenities

•    Flooring


•    Swimming pool

•    Playgrounds

•    Gardens

•    Fitness facilities

A property that has all these facilities and amenities is great and worth acquiring. On the other hand, lack of these important things means you won’t even enjoy your stay in the home you would like to buy. Zitan has all these and many others you need to comfort and luxury at your home. In fact, you will find more than what you need because this is a mixed use condominium where there are homeowners and business people in the same place. Some people call it a landmark because of its many stories and unique nature in the area. To convince you that this is the dream home you have been hunting, here are the many amenities available:

•    Landscaped gardens

•    Function rooms

•    A swimming pool

•    Fire alarm

•    A service elevator

•    Sanitary disposal system

•    Water storage facilities

•    Fitness center

•    Mail room

•    And many others

Indeed, having all these near your home is exciting and will improve the quality of your lifestyle. You will never complain about the environment being boring or lacking the facilities you need to give yourself what you need. Zitan is, in fact, a post-modern property that takes condo living to an amazing level not attained yet by other condos that have been around us. Many people talk about a perfect home, but it’s sometimes a hassle to get one especially in a perfect location. Zitan is a perfect home, and you have found it if you have been on the search.

Now that you’ve known the amenities and facilities available in Zitan you should explore the whole area and probably start the buying process. Since this is a unique condo, everyone is looking for an opportunity to be among the owners of homes and business premises in this place. This is a perfect chance because prices are still low and hence affordable. As the region undergoes development, things will change, and the value will also rise. Therefore, the perfect time to invest is now especially if you want to resell later and get something better than what you had put in.

  • Fire alarm and sprinkler system
  • 24 hour security and building maintenance
  • Provision for CCTV monitors
  • With partial back- up power
  • 3 high - speed elevators which can accommodate up to 10 persons each
  • 1 service elevator
  • Mail room
  • Water storage facilities
  • Centralized sanitary disposal system
  • Fitness Center
  • 3 - level Retail complex
  • Function rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Fiber to the floor technology
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