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Zitan Mandaluyong City

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Property Developer: Greenfield Development Corp
Project Location: Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: Starting at 26.24 sqm
Price Range: Php 4,800,000 and up

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Zitan Philippines

Zitan By Greenfield Properties

Zitan is a 35-story incredible condominium that stands tall and unique above the rest in the area because of its amazing architectural design. In fact, if you are familiar with this region, you already know that this is a landmark. Now imagine owning a home in such a place or even running a business. Well, if you didn’t know, then you now have the information. This property is a mixed-use condominium where you can settle and run your business comfortably. You can pick premises in any of the three first floors and grow it to the level you want. That aside, you can also own a home here and live to enjoy the cool and complete environment around this area.

You have several options in Zitan you can choose depending on the one that best meets your needs. Indeed, you cannot miss what you are looking for bearing in mind that this is a special type of condo that strives to give you what you need for your home and business. You only need to take a tour, of what’s up for grabs and you will get what you want. Whether you want a unit here just for investment or to use it yourself, you can be sure that you will find it. However, you might be left out or miss because everyone is looking for an opportunity to benefit from this landmark in the Greenfield District.

Building Features

When buying a home or business premises, it’s important to explore the features of the building you are considering to acquire. Many people usually leave this vital aspect especially when other things such as location are okay. Well, for your information, the features of the building you have will directly affect your lifestyle and how you carry out your activities. It’s, therefore, crucial to explore every aspect and feature of the property you intend to acquire for yourself. Note that features here mean everything right from what’s there inside and on the outer parts of your home.

Zitan has fantastic features that make it an ideal place for anyone looking for a place that gives them an opportunity to enjoy modern living. Unlike other condos that may lack a few things, this one is complete and has whatever you need to give yourself the comfort you need. If you would also like to add a few things to your property, you have space and all you need to customize it. Many people usually love adding a few things to their living spaces to speak something about them. Zitan gives you that chance to do it. That aside, here are unique building features of this amazing landmark in the beautiful area of Greenfield District:

  • Distinctive design and copper-colored hue
  • Built in retail complex
  • Provision for CCTV monitors
  • Convenience and service

These and other features that are unique to each unit are ideal for families and business individuals. If there are any adjustments to make, then you simply have to add them to match your needs. You’ll no doubt want to make your home or business to look different from those of others. Zitan is the right place to do so because it’s already elevated to top levels and you will only have to do a few things. Residential and commercial properties are in demand here. If you are looking for a worthwhile investment, then this is the best area you can commit your resources.  Once you get a space here, expect to get the highest possible return in the form of lifestyle, you will live and what you will earn from your business if you decide to take a commercial building in Zitan.

Zitan Is a Landmark Mixed-Use Condominium Developed by Greenfield

If you have been buying properties, you must have come across the name Greenfield somewhere. Well, this is a veteran developer popular for its many properties that look unique and attractive. All projects done by this developer are vetted and meet industry standards. If you want to buy a home or business premise and rest assured of safety, then this is the group you should search. Whether you are a direct buyer, landlord or investor this team is prepared to give you what you need to be successful. You will never complain about quality, amenities and payment terms. Get in touch with this developer anytime and kick off your journey to becoming a home or business owner in Zitan.

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Greenfield Properties Zitan in Mandaluyong City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Zitan, then check here first. We have full details of Zitan updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.


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Zitan For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Unit ₱ 4,800,000 26.24 Other Cuts Available
1 Bedroom ₱ 8,400,000 46.04 Other Cuts Available

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